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Top 10 Overwatch Teams of All Time

Overwatch has been around for a while. Granted, two years might not sound like much if you’re drawing comparisons with established esports titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or League of Legends. But during this time, countless lineups have tried their luck at OW esports. And among them, these 10 squads stand out as the best Overwatch teams of all time. explores the top 10 teams in Overwatch.

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10. Team EnVyUs

Now, I know what you’re going to say. How can the same Team EnVyUs that turned into the disastrous Dallas Fuel lineup even deserve a spot on this list? Fair point. But if you go back in time, EnVyUs were once kings of the Western Overwatch scene. In that era, Taimou took over games on hitscan heroes, Mickie wreaked havoc on D.Va, and EFFECT dismantled enemy squishies on Tracer.

Back then, EnVyUs dominated the Western scene, securing first-place finishes at events like OG Invitational, Operation Breakout, BTS Overwatch Cup, and 2016 MLG Vegas. That’s not all, though. As one of the best teams in the world, EnVyUs were invited to participate in APEX Season 1. There, they tore through South Korean teams, going all the way to the finals to 4-0 Afreeca Freecs Blue and claim the trophy. And while their later APEX showings weren’t as dominant, EnVyUs remained strong enough to make deep runs in the seasons 2 and 3 of the league.

So where did it all go wrong? Well, EnVyUs got complacent. A huge reason behind their success was the raw mechanical talent of their players. Meanwhile, their teamwork and game plans were lagging behind, so when other teams caught up in skill, EnVyUs quickly ran out of plays in their playbook. Now, they’re the shadows of their former selves, but they still deserve to be celebrated as one of the best teams in the scene.

9. Rogue

When you’re asking who is the best Overwatch team in the West, the name Rogue tends to be up there.  And for good reason. This French lineupit definitely didn’t hurt that they had two of the most devastating hitscan players in aKm and SoOn. Combine that with uNKOE’s standout performances on Ana and Zenyatta, and you have your recipe for one of the strongest Overwatch competitive teams in the West.

Rogue made their presence known in 2016 by finish first at the ESL Overwatch Atlantis Showdown and APAC Premier. But they truly cemented themselves as the all-time greats when they dominated almost every single tournament they were invited to in 2017. Unfortunately, the team disbanded after not making it into the Overwatch League. And while its players went on to compete for other organizations, none of them reached Rogue’s levels of success.

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8. Meta Athena

If you want to be the best Overwatch team, you need to follow the meta. You have to pick the same heroes, execute the same plays, and practice the same strategies until you reach absolute perfection. This is common sense. And yet, Meta Athena chose to ignore it.

At one point, this South Korean lineup was hailed for its limitless creativity. Meta Athena didn’t exactly make the deepest APEX runs (although they did finish fourth in Season 4), but they always seemed to have an ace up their sleeve. And even teams like KongDoo Panthera and Lunatic-Hai had to be wary of their unorthodox tactics.

Their standout performer was the Flex player Libero who blindsided his opponents by opening up unusual flank routes with Mei walls. However, his teammates rallied around him, and they certainly deserve the credit for employing countless off-meta strategies on stage. Of course, Meta Athena never reached the peak of competitive Overwatch, but they always remained a force to be reckoned with.

7. Seoul Dynasty

In the beginning of 2018, Seoul Dynasty was considered the clear-cut best Overwatch League team. At first, they definitely lived up to the hype. Their roster was stacked with world-class players like Miro, Fleta, Zunba, and Ryujehong. Moreover, their teamwork was on point. They took over the first stage of OWL with a massive 5-game winning streak, but a series of losses to New York Excelsior, London Spitfire, and Los Angeles Valiant put an end to this narrative.

Seoul Dynasty struck back in stage 2 of the competition. And yet, despite racking up 6 wins in a row, they inexplicably crumbled towards the end of the competition. Nowadays, Seoul Dynasty is regarded as a middle-of-the-pack team that doesn’t do enough to dictate the pace of its games. Even so, the talent is there, and if they get over their shot calling issue, Seoul can once again conquer the Overwatch League.

6. Team KongDoo Panthera

KongDoo Panthera are the eternal challengers. They had a slow start in 2016, as they were knocked out of the group stage in the season 1 of APEX, and suffered a crushing 3-0 loss in the first round of IEM Season 11 Gyeonggi. However, they picked up the slack in 2017. They began their climb by passing the initial group stage in the season 2 of APEX, but it was in season 3 that KongDoo Panthera finally broke into the finals. And while the series resulted in a loss, KongDoo fought hard and took the powerhouse Lunatic-Hai lineup to seven games.

Their success didn’t end there. When the organization partnered with Cloud9, Kongdoo dominated the APEX Season 4 group stage without dropping a single game. Granted, that run came to an end after a devastating Semifinals loss to GC Busan, but KongDoo still managed to win the third-place match and secure the bronze medal.

Much like most Korean teams, KongDoo had an outstanding level of synergy. However, their players were equally impressive, and Overwatch fans spoke highly of the unstoppable tank in Fissure and the unmatched Tracer specialist in Birding. And their other DPS—Rascal—is still famous for his unnatural ability to put on a clinic on every single offensive hero in the game.


5. RunAway

RunAway also follow KongDoo’s storyline. Their first showing at the season 1 of APEX left a lot to be desired, as the lineup crumbled in the group stage. However, this didn’t stop RunAway from striking back. They pulled out all stops at APEX Season 2, crushing names like Team EnVyUs, Team KongDoo Uncia, and LW Blue before falling in a close final against Lunatic-Hai. And while they did go through a slump in season 3, RunAway bounced back with a string of second-place finishes at the 2017 Nexus Cup, season 4 of APEX, and 2017 APAC Premier.

They were at their strongest in the Reinhardt meta thanks to their unwavering tank Kaiser. He wasn’t the only star, though, as Haksal never failed to perform on Genji and made a serious claim to being a superstar DPS. Unlike most APEX lineups, RunAway are still playing in Korea and fighting for the title of the best Overwatch team in the scene.

4. Boston Uprising

When the conversation started on who’s the best Overwatch League team, Boston Uprising wasn’t even on anyone’s radar. The first stages of OWL seemed to support the notion, as the team struggled to make it into the top-5. Everything changed in the third stage, though, where Boston went on a massive 10-game winning streak, effectively dismantling every top-tier lineup. As luck would have it, they couldn’t capitalize on this success in the finals against New York Excelsior, but they still became the most improved team in the league.

The driving force behind Boston’s success is the tank duo of NotE and Gamsu that continuously pulls off great dives and threatens the enemy backline. The DPS player Striker also contributes to this effort by assassinating key targets on Tracer. With that, the finals loss might be a minor setback before Boston make a push to the top of the OWL standings.

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3. New York Excelsior

When it comes to the Overwatch League, New York Excelsior have long since asserted their dominance. Their lineup is stacked with talent, and if you see names like Saebyeolbe, Libero, Mano, and ArK, it’s already clear that you’re looking at the best Overwatch team in the league. The most surprising thing, however, is that these players are often overshadowed by an up-and-coming support main JJoNak. Many of New York Excelsior’s game plans revolve around him, as the entire team works together to set up its Zenyatta for success.

Their frontliners are also terrifying, and it seems like there’s nothing this squad can’t accomplish when Janus and Mano are on its side. With that, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Boston Uprising challenging New York Excelsior. The only thing they’re missing are long-term achievements, but as more seasons pass by, these are almost guaranteed to come.

2. GC Busan

GC Busan is something of a unicorn among Overwatch competitive teams. The lineup didn’t even stay together for a full year, but it managed to cement itself as one of the best Overwatch teams in Korea. This feat is even more impressive when you consider that GC Busan pulled off one of the best Cinderella stories in the scene.

Busan began their competitive journey as a relatively unknown APEX Challengers team. No one expected much of them when they qualified for season 4 of the premier league, but suddenly, the up-and-coming lineup took the competition by storm. They breezed through the field, taking down giants like Afreeca Freecs, Cloud9 KongDoo, Lunatic-Hai, and RanAway. And in their first APEX season, Busan were crowned champions. Of course, there was plenty of individual talent behind their success. Their DPS player—Profit—was a Tracer prodigy, and his potent skillset was further enhanced by great frontlining from Gesture. WOOHYAL also did a ton of work on D.Va, effectively enabling one of the strongest dive comps of all time.

Unfortunately, GC Busan’s roster lost its magic after joining London Spitfire. And even though the players are still formidable, they don’t display the same overwhelming dominance that let them take over APEX.

1. Lunatic-Hai

It’s hard to answer the “who is the best Overwatch team” question with anything other than Lunatic-Hai. Much like many Korean teams, they had a rocky start in the first season of APEX. However, 2017 saw Lunatic-Hai towering above their competition and dominating the scene with hyper-aggressive dive comps. Two back-to-back APEX titles already put them miles ahead of most lineups, and the victory at the 2017 Seoul Cup acts as the icing on top of the metaphorical cake.

Just listing their achievements doesn’t do them justice, though. In their prime, Lunatic-Hai had a monstrous roster where every single player could step up and carry the game. When you look at the immaculate frontlining from Miro and Zunba, the spectacular teamfighting from EscA and Whoru, or the clutch playmaking from Ryujehong and Tobi, it’s clear that Lunatic-Hai had all the pieces of the best Overwatch team puzzle. And they made sure to put these to good use.

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