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How to become an esports pro – Part 2: The best players

Published on: 03/07/2018

Making a name for one’s self is quite a literal part of becoming an esports pro. In addition to being a somewhat tortured pun, this also means that pro gamers are usually known by their handles rather than their real names. Making a complete list of all the great esports pros in the world would take a lifetime – there are countless extremely talented players out there. Here are some of the best-known and most accomplished ones out there:

1. SaeByeolBe – Jong-yeol Park, Overwatch

overwatch team

SaeByeolBe – living proof hard work pays off

Tracer is perhaps the most well-known Overwatch hero, so it’s no surprise that the best Tracer-player in the world is almost as well-known. SayByeolBe is that player of course, and he is definitely one of the world’s top players. He was also selected as a South Korean competitor for the 2018 World Championship, along with five of his teammates from New York Excelsior. The South Korean player is one of the best the country has to offer – and that’s saying something!

2. Faker – Lee Sang-hyeok, League of Legends


The legendary Faker

Faker is also nicknamed God. You just don’t get that sort of nickname without the skills to back it up. The South Korean player is largely considered to be the best League of Legends player of all time – this is backed up by his three World Championship wins, in 2013, 2015 and 2016. He has a huge following, countless fans and numerous wins and tournament titles to his name already.

3. Muma – Austin Wilmot, Overwatch


Muma being Muma

The world of esports is largely dominated by Asian players, especially South Koreans, so it’s nice to see American Austin Wilmot rise to the top. And rise to the top he did – he’s known as one of the top tanks in the league and an absolute fan favourite. With a history of playing Team Fortress 2, Muma is more than deserving of the fame he earned through his sick plays. Austin is also the first League player to come out as LGBT – well done, Austin.

4. Smeb – Song Kyung-ho, League of Legends


Smeb might well be good enough to challenge Faker

Another League player, Smeb is one of the few people that are even considered competition to Faker. Also one of the top players in the world, this laner was MVP of the Korean League twice, in 2015 and 2016. His only fault if you can call it that is that he keeps losing…to Faker that is. In world championship matches, Smeb’s team keeps losing to Faker’s when they face off.

5. Geguri – Kim Se-Yeon, Overwatch


Esport's very first professional esports player

Esports is a predominantly male field, that’s how it has always been…but it may not stay that way for much longer. While in the first official OWL match, not a single female player was under contract, this has since changed. Geguri has more than shown that her skills are ahead of many of her male peers. She was even in discussion as a participant for the South Korean World Championship team – no small feat given the amount of talent the country has to choose from. Only 19-years old, the tank specialist really made history when she joined the Shanghai Dragons.