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How to become an esports pro: The skills you need to get started

Published on: 11/07/2018

When it comes to becoming an Overwatch pro, there are skills you will absolutely need. This doesn’t mean in-game skills like character mastery or the like, but more general areas of expertise. Some of these may be easier to pick up than others, but they are all essential to getting started as a pro.

1. PC Knowledge


Get the right parts and play the right game

Most of the esports scene in general, and the Overwatch scene in particular, takes place on PC. While console versions are available and actually quite popular, the actual competitions are taking place mostly on PC. As such, especially while training, you’ll need to know quite a lot about your PC.

Depending on your available funds, you may not be able or willing to buy the most top of the line machine in order to compete. That will mean that you will have to regularly upgrade your computer with better parts in order to achieve the best performance.

While most pros won’t need to build or maintain their own equipment, on the road there, you will want to make sure you play on the best rig possible. Even the most skilled players won’t be able to succeed if he or she was forced to play on the proverbial potato.

2. Industry/Game Knowledge

This one is absolutely essential. Knowing what’s going on not just in the esports industry but in your chosen game especially is absolutely key. This goes beyond just watching pro games and knowing who is on what team. The more industry knowledge you have, the easier it will be to break into the Overwatch pro world.

Pay attention to not just the games that are played, but also the business decisions around them. What sponsors are joining, which are changing teams and what outside interests are active in esports. Knowing more about the owners and staff of the teams – especially the ones you are hoping to join  – could be invaluable.

3. Personal skills (Determination, Dedication,…)

This is perhaps the most important thing to have and it can also be the hardest to achieve. While you can improve your gaming skills through training, getting better at these is a little more tricky. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared. Overwatch pros like Muma spend an insane amount of time practicing each day.

Patience, perseverance, the ability to deal with setbacks and with disappointments, determination, dedication and more are all absolutely key to becoming a pro. The most talented of players still won’t be able to make it in the pro world unless he or she is able to show these skills.

In order to become an Overwatch pro, you will have to give up quite a lot. Free time, most likely some friends that won’t understand what you are doing and perhaps even your sleep schedule – making sacrifices on the way to pro-dom is inevitable. It’s one of the less pleasant parts of pro players lives. Those who make it though, get to step on the International stage of one of the most epic esports in the world, side-by-side with some of the best players the League has to offer.