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Overwatch 2 Release Date & FAQ » News, Leaks and Rumors

Overwatch 2

The new age of heroes in Overwatch 2 is almost upon us. Back in November of 2019, Blizzard announced the expansion of the Overwatch world with a brand new Overwatch 2 trailer and gameplay footage. The game is set to expand the existing lore and add plenty of new game modes and options to the […]

Overwatch June 16 Update – Genji ‘buffs’, Alien Zarya and new priority queue update

Overwatch June Update 2020 Echo

The June 16 Patch released this week and a few quality of life features to the game as well as the UI interface have been implemented that will smooth out some of the game’s nagging pains. A priority queue will now be in effect for Competitive matches that have been hit with an AFK player, […]

Overwatch Counters – When to Use Each Hero

overwatch counters

Overwatch counters are a term you’ve likely seen in around in coverage of pro games and discussion on which hero to pick. Counters in Overwatch are a really important part of choosing your team of heroes in a match. Going from playing the Overwatch heroes that you just like to specifically choose counters against an […]

Unikrn UMode – Great skill-based betting feature to earn money while playing

unikrn umode

Are you the type of player who thinks they belong in the top tiers of competitive Overwatch if only you didn’t keep getting matched up with such terrible teams? Well, Unikrn UMode is a betting site that might let you put your money where your mouth is. This is a new service offered by Unikrn, […]

Seoul Dynasty gets another free week in the Overwatch League

dynasty warriors OWL news

Seoul Dynasty can’t catch a break in the Overwatch League this season. The pride and joy of South Korea has been absent in matches since last season. They finally caught a break after coming to Los Angeles, but the California government shatters the dreams once again. Week 1 of Online Play or Week 6 (7 […]

Overwatch League Changes – Are Hero Pools Fair?


Overwatch League is going through some changes at the moment. Developers are keen to try and shake up the balance of heroes. This has been clear from a lot of their movements recently, like adding role queues into the normal game to address balance. The biggest change to the Overwatch League so far has been […]

Overwatch Contenders 2020 Schedule & Format – All ready to go


With less than a week until the start of the Overwatch Contenders 2020 season, it’s time to take a look at the news, changes and challenges for the upcoming season. While if you are interested in Overwatch betting we recommend checking out our guide to Overwatch Contenders Bets. With the end of the 2019 regular […]

Overwatch League 2020 Predictions – Entering the Week 4

Overwatch League Predictions 2020

The 8th of February marks the begging of the Overwatch League 2020 season. Following recent format changes, each week two new teams will host a Homestead weekend in their arenas with teams engaging in a Home/Away competitive cycle. Part of our yearly Overwatch League betting calendar consists of analyzing and creating the best picks and […]

Overwatch Contenders bets: Where to place your bets in 2020


The Overwatch Contenders 2020 season is a massive overhaul compared to the previous seasons. Back in November, Blizzard announced they would be revamping the Overwatch Contenders ecosystem for the 2020 competitive season. The season features bigger prize pools and a plethora of promotion/relegation opportunities for teams all across the globe. Furthermore, all the established Contenders […]

When will Overwatch 2 be released?


The long awaited Overwatch 2 announcement arrived at this year’s Blizzcon packed with cinematics and a plethora of features coming to the game. The team-based first-person shooter will evolve its story through the long awaited story mode and new co-op missions. On top of that, a wholly new map mode called PUSH will spice up […]

Overwatch World Cup 2019 Predictions and Betting Tips


This year’s 2019 Overwatch World Cup is set to celebrate the amazing growth of over the past few years. 45 team’s national teams received invites for this year’s BlizzCon 2019 celebration of everything Blizzard Entertainment. Over the past six months the National Committees of all countries selected and published their picks for this year’s cup. […]

Overwatch World Cup 2019 Best Offers and Special Bonuses


The Overwatch World Cup 2019 is ramping up to be the best in the series to date. With the initial stages just around the corner, it is time to take a look at the best offers and special bonuses available for those keen on predicting the match outcomes. Best Overwatch odds: Read our Overwatch odds […]

OWL Week 5 Matches » Betting Predictions


The KIT KAT® Rivalry Weekend in Los Angeles marks the final step of Stage 4 in the OWL. Eight final matches between 10 of the 20 teams will set the stage for postseason and set the final season rankings in stone. So far, the Vancouver Titans and New York Excelsior have secured their first place […]

OWL Stage 2 Week 3 » Predictions

overwatch league

We are diving deep into the mid-season in the OWL with Stage 2 well underway. As is tradition, we are going to look into five of the most interesting matches coming this weekend. Ben “CaptainPlanet” Trautman came out with a nice ELO analysis and march predictor called OLE 2.0, but what good is this tool […]

OWL Phase 2: Battle on the east coast


We kick off Phase 2 of the OWL 2019 season with a new patch, a shift in meta and a derby matchup between the Philadelphia Fusion and New York Excelsior to start matches out. With the meta not yet set in stone, we might see an abundance of DPS picks or some strange 3 tank […]

Vancouver Titans clinch Stage 1 Playoffs


This past weekend saw the closing of Stage 1 of the OWL 2019 Season at the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles with an abundance of drama, upsets and clutches. Eight teams secured their participation in the playoffs with two (Excelsior, Titans) going entirely undefeated in Stage 1. The last spot after last week’s photo-finish was claimed […]

OWL 2019: Stage One Photo-Finish


The last leg of the race to Stage One playoffs in the OWL is upon us and with it some interesting upset scenarios and opportunities arise. First off, we have to complement the New York Excelsior for finishing their perfect stage without dropping a match in their seven games of the season. Right behind them […]

OWL Week 4 and the unstoppable New York Excelsior


Only one obstacle remains on Excelsior’s path to Stage 1 Playoffs in the OWL in the form of San Francisco Shock. Everyone that has come into their crosshairs has fallen in the previous 6 matches and now it is up to SF crew to try and halt the Excelsior crew at their goal of achieving […]

Overwatch League 2019: Stage 1 Week 3 Predictions


With Week 3 well underway, we would like to attempt a full match week betting prediction for the rest of the twelve matchups in the OWL this week. First off, a nod to the New York Excelsior and the Shanghai Dragons for delivering on our betting predictions from last week’s matches. The Philadelphia Fusion managed […]

The OWL Week 2 matchups you shouldn’t miss


After a tumultuous Week 1 in which we had a few hits and a few misses in our betting predictions. We take a look at what went down in the previous week and what we look forward to in this weeks 16 (12) matches. At the time of writing we already have one day of […]

Three, Two, OWL… GO!


Ladies and gentlemen, we are almost there. 24 hours until the beginning of Season 2 of the Overwatch League. Time indeed flies with all the side action we are getting from the Contenders Seasons and Open League that the OWL2019 just snuck up on us. The league has expanded from 12 to 20 teams which […]

Overwatch Contenders: what’s changing in the upcoming 2019 season


After a very successful year in the Overwatch Contenders Series in 2018. Blizzard has announced several changes to the competitive system in the upcoming 2019 season. We covered some of the changes in our Contenders 2018 Season 3 recap, but now we have some more information on the upcoming season as well as what is […]

Watch out for Shanghai Dragons in OWL 2019


Today we talk about the Netease backed Shanghai Dragons, (上海龙之队), and how the “record setting” OW team will make a glorious return to the Overwatch League in 2019. Shanghai Dragons (SHD) is one of the few teams that started the inaugural season with a bang, although not the type of bang they would have hoped […]

Overwatch League Betting

overwatch logo

Over the past three years Overwatch and the Overwatch League have made a splash in the esports scene. With player numbers topping 40 million over the past yearss, Blizzard’s team-based shooter has everything it needs to succeed—and then some. And if you want to get in on the action, there are few better ways than […]

OWL 2019 power rankings: Pacific Division Top 3


Overwatch Season 2 will be starting up again shortly as the old teams from season 1 fight to remain on top while the next expansion teams will battle to make their name known.  There are two division, Pacific and Atlantic, and while most of the Atlantic Division is power players and all-star teams, I wanted […]

Overwatch Contenders in 2019 and a look back at the Season 3 finals


The 3rd and final season of the 2018 Overwatch Contenders ended with the last regional final played in Australia on the 20th of January 2019. With the ending of this season, Blizzard announced news for the 2019 season of Contenders as well as changes to the competitive system, and a whole lot of Live event […]

How to watch the new OWL 2019 season


It’s coming up fast – the new and extended OWL season is almost upon us! Tellingly enough, it stars on Valentine’s day, and fans both single and in relationships are eagerly awaiting its beginning. For the former it’s an opportunity not to spend the day laying around lamenting their lonely existence, and for the latter […]

The new Overwatch League season is coming


It’s almost time for the new Overwatch League season to start – tellingly, the first day is on Valentine’s day of all things. It’s going to start with a bang too – we’re going to dive right in with a Grand Finals rematch between Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire! Naturally, things have changed quite a […]

Overwatch Contenders Week 3 Playoffs


The new Overwatch Contenders season is in full swing – we are already in the third week – doesn’t time pass quickly? It’s a full schedule this weekend with matches Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13. There are some interesting match-ups too, across regions. Australia games don’t start again until next week, however China […]

Overwatch Skin Additions and More


January is proving a great month for Overwatch fans, as Blizzard ramp up the available skins and challenges available to players. Usually a quiet month for most games, Overwatch is getting off to a fun and content-packed start. Whether you’re interested in the pro leagues, or just want some cool new skins to dress your […]

‘Tis the season – no, not that season!


In time for the (supposedly) happiest holiday of the year, the Overwatch League’s next season schedule was revealed! Starting, ironically enough, on Valentine’s day – the 14th of February – the 2019 season comes with a whole host of new additions. As you’re probably aware, several new teams joined the OWL roster – more specifically, […]

Overwatch League Away Skins are now in the game


It’s easy to miss other news with the newest edition of the Winter Wonderland mode appearing in the game last Tuesday, however, there are in fact other exciting things happening in everyone’s favourite esports game as well. We mean, of course, the new Overwatch League Away skins. With some 312 skins available prior to the […]

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland begins today


It’s that jolly time of year again – the time of unbridled stress, desperation to find, buy (and be able to afford) the right presents for what is often a disturbingly large number of relatives. It’s the time of hating Last Christmas and lying to children about Santa… in other words, the most festive time […]

Overwatch Gambling Guide 2020 – Learn How to Bet on OW

overwatch logo

Overwatch has come from nowhere to become one of the biggest titles in esports. Ever since Blizzard Entertainment released the title back in May 2016, this PS4, Xbox One and PC game has grown to become a gaming phenomenon. With more than 40 million gamers playing Overwatch in first two years, and over $1 billion […]

New Overwatch team Washington Justice announces itself


Of course, the fact that the Overwatch League expanded and added eight new teams to its line-up is hardly news at this point – fans were pretty happy with the new additions. The last and latest of the eight new teams is Washington Justice, unsurprisingly based in Washington. The new team just revealed their branding […]

Overwatch and Fanatics join up for epic new deal


Fanatics are going to be the newest official retail partner of the Overwatch League! Why should you care? Because it means a boatload of new stuff, of course! This is the first-ever esports deal of this type for Fanatics and it includes multi-channel retail, fan gear and manufacturing rights. This new, multi-year deal with Fanatics […]

Echo is causing quite a stir


Keen-eyed fans were quick to catch on after Blizzard’s cinematic introduction to Ashe, that the trailer contained more than first met the eye. Admittedly she’s a little hard to miss, but fans weren’t sure of the significance of one character found in the footage Echo. Since then there has been a lot of speculation over […]

Ashe joins the competitive Overwatch queue


Newest Overwatch hero Ashe joined the game on November 13. Now, some two weeks later, she has finally also joined the ranked competitive games. This is pretty normal – new heroes always appear in the competitive section of the game a little later, to give players a chance to get used to the new character […]

Blizzard bring Overwatch goodies and more to Black Friday


With Black Friday sales kicking off in earnest this week, it’s always interesting to see what the best deals are in the gaming world. Whether you just want to browse or have a vested interest in picking up something in the sales, now is the time. This year Blizzard have some sweet deals on Overwatch […]

Ashe has a small problem, Blizzard have a solution on the way


New hero Ashe has been released on the live servers for Overwatch for just over a week now, and players have been utilizing her explosive skill-set to great benefit. There has, however, been one small problem though, aiming. Not the best start for a gun based character, but thankfully Blizzard is already working on a […]

Toronto Esports Team pulls out of Overwatch because of naming dispute


Now, obviously the world of esports is filled with conflict – competitions, group-based or otherwise, even disagreements and other types of conflict are common…this, however, is something else entirely. There are two teams involved here – the ‘Toronto Esports’ Team, and Overwatch’s new ‘Toronto Team’. Overwatch has recently added a few more city-based teams to […]

Overwatch’s next major patch will require you to reinstall the game


Blizzard has made some slightly peculiar announcements recently – the next major Overwatch patch is going to require a full reinstall of the game. That’s unusual to say the least – a Blizzard representative made the following post: We wanted to get ahead of this early and let you all know what to expect with […]

Blizzard responds to complaints that Overwatch still doesn’t have a black female character


Just after new hero Ashe has been announced, unhappy voices complained about yet another white female hero – while there are certainly characters of all nationalities and skin colours already, the game doesn’t have a female black character, and surprisingly many people were offended that Ashe didn’t fill that gap. Game director Jeff Kaplan responded […]

Overwatch’s newest addition Ashe is coming soon!


Blizzard made fans quite happy when they announced the newest addition to the ranks of the Overwatch heroes. Wild West girl Ashe is, in many ways, going to be a contradiction. At first glance, she seems like a sniper character, much like Widowmaker and Hanzo are, but that’s not quite true. She is a little […]

Overwatch has a new Viewer for The World Cup


Want to experience all of the Overwatch action from a truly unique perspective? Blizzard has introduced a brand new tool to let you do just that. The Overwatch World Cup Viewer will allow fans from around the world to get up-close and personal for every play of the game, as well as follow their favorite […]

The Overwatch World Cup Playoffs are Underway!


That’s right, it’s officially BlizzCon time and with it, the Overwatch World Cup Playoffs! The opening ceremony for this year’s main BlizzCon event is only a few hours away at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny California. After an hour of the opening festivities, Blizzard is jumping straight in with the action as the final […]

Ana’s highlight intros contain awesome Easter egg


I think it’s safe to say, most people love Easter eggs. Whether the chocolate or the gaming kind. The Easter eggs found in games come in several forms usually, either secret levels, perhaps some post-credit extra goodies, or simply a homage or fun reference to another game. Therefore it’s no surprise that Overwatch fans have […]

Overwatch needs a Fantasy League


With most sports be it football, basketball and even baseball, most if not all industries with professional leagues often develop a unique activity for fans. Fantasy Leagues. There are often unofficial leagues, organized by fans or companies, in some cases though there are also official fantasy leagues where the organizers themselves pitch in. What about […]

All Hallow’s Heroes


It’s almost time to dust off the pumpkins and polish the skeletons in the closet. Trick or treating children will be running amok in the neighbourhood before we know it. Thankfully, Overwatch fans don’t need to miss out on the fun either as Blizzard has already released the Halloween update for Overwatch! This year sees […]

The future of esports – the Olympics and beyond


Just a passing fad. That was the opinion of many critics when it first came to esports. Something that might catch on, for a bit, but would quickly be gone and forgotten because who really wants to watch people play competitive video games?…. Turns out, lots of people. Esports is now one of the fastest […]

Halloween is coming – Overwatch’s Halloween event returns

A yearly favourite when it comes to seasonal holidays is, of course, Halloween. Light-hearted, fun and a reason to stay up late and eat way too much candy while wearing a costume – really, what more could anyone want? New Overwatch skins with a holiday theme, that’s what. Thankfully, Blizzard is happy to oblige with […]

AimbotCalvin turned down Major Overwatch League offer


We know it’s a dream for many fans, get good at a game, so good that you can play professionally and you could be set for life. It’s not just the fame that comes with it (though the prize money is definitely nice too), for many it’s a dream of being able to do something […]

Career alternatives in the esports industry


At first glance, becoming an esports pro probably seems like the flashiest and most interesting career path within the industry. After all, what could be more fun than being paid ridiculous amounts of money in order to play games in fronts of thousands of people? Well, much like the dream to become an astronaut, rockstar […]

Blizzard’s Overwatch World Cup match lineups have been announced


It’s full steam ahead for Blizzard as they continue to gear up for BlizzCon. There they will crown the 2018 champions of the Overwatch World Cup. This week has seen the final two teams announced and added to those already earmarked as competition at the big event. Paris hosted the latest in the qualifying rounds […]

Overwatch players using 3rd party software face perma-bans

Blizzard has always had a tight stance against cheaters, of course, however with the recent surge in popularity that 3rd party analysis software has experienced, Blizzard has now re-affirmed that such things are in fact in violation of their T&Cs. With programs like Pursuit and Visor promising to improve players skills not by aimbotting, but […]

Esports pro series – The future of esports as a career


When choosing a career path, there are far too many things to consider, aren’t there? From earning enough money to having progression options, there are countless things to consider and it’s difficult to find a career that has it all on top of being enjoyable. One of the less obvious things to think about is […]

Overwatch World Cup Group Stage finishes strong


The most recent Group Stage – the one in Bangkok was the most intense one the 2018 Overwatch World Cup has seen yet. It had everything that fans love about Overwatch and the World Cup – plenty of action, strong plays, unpredictable results and strong matchups with skilled players. After three days of matches that […]

Overwatch esports expands its horizons, conquers Paris


The Overwatch League is one of the most popular and most watched esports leagues in the world – as a matter of fact, it’s popularity has only been increasing since its first season. If you need proof of that, just look at the latest match in July – the championships not only filled a stadium […]

Overwatch players find bizarre glitch on Oasis

While Blizzard is far from perfect, there is one thing we can (almost) all agree on – they put meticulous care in their maps and map designs. From individual roof tiles to clever naming puns and references to other games, Overwatch maps are a sight to behold. Perhaps because of this, it’s a little odd […]

Esports pro series – Women in esports


Overwatch is definitely a great game and one of the best esports out there – it may not be the biggest, but it is among the most popular in the world! Now, despite this, it has a few flaws that Blizzard and the Overwatch community are trying to iron out – among them is the […]

Overwatch is part of Humble Bundle’s monthly bundle


Humble Bundle’s bundles are world-famous: They offer package deals on games, books, comics, software and sometimes even music, for a fraction of the usual price. It’s the ideal place to grab a bargain or expand a collection for cheap – and that’s just the regular bundles. In addition to that, HB also has a monthly […]

The economy of lootboxes – it could always be worse


Complaining about loot-boxes is nearly synonymous with gaming these days – they are everywhere, and the problem only seems to get worse over time, with more and worse iterations of them cropping up in games. It’s gotten so bad that it drew politicians and lawmakers to the plan, and most recently, Belgium outlawed paid loot-boxes […]

Esports pro series – Downsides of the industry


When it comes to esports, it’s easy to only see the positive sides to it all. Fame, epic plays and ridiculous prize money, thousands of viewers and fans and the newest gear… with all of that, it’s easy to ignore that the esports world also has its issues. These shouldn’t necessarily deter you from wanting […]

Shanghai Dragons release eight players following 0-40 Overwatch League season

shangai dragons

The Shanghai dragons have made history twice in a very brief period of time – first, they were the first pro Overwatch team to sign on a female player within the Overwatch League earlier this year…and then they suffered, quite literally, the worst defeat possible. 0-40 was the end result of their season. That is […]

Overwatch streamers are pretending to be part of the D.Va Promotion


Blizzard has always been pretty good when it comes to special events and promotions…but this time they decided to have a rather exclusive one. Specifically, D.VA’s Nano Cola Challenge is only for a select few streamers. Blizzard teamed up with the most popular streamers here, and most fans have counted it as a success – […]

Esports pro series – How to cope with loss and setbacks


It’s a sad truth that when pursuing an Overwatch pro career, it is inevitable that you’ll be dealing with setbacks. This is true for any pro player, no matter the game and no matter how smooth his career has gone. In competitions of any sort really, setbacks are inevitable. Because of this, knowing how to […]

Blizzard disables paid loot boxes for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm in Belgium

paid loot overwatch

Much debated and hated, the first nail in the coffin of loot boxes may have just been hammered in. It was quite some time ago that the increasingly outrageous prices of micro-transactions in general and loot boxes, in particular, drew politicians on the plan. Outrage sparked and was quickly forgotten again. Loot boxes carried on […]

Visor – the AI that claims it can teach you to become an Overwatch pro


‘Git gud!’ – Who hasn’t heard that at least once while playing their favourite MP games? Whether it’s from a skilled player that is fed up with noobs or an angry 12-year old kid that can barely point his gun at the enemy, it’s a more than common phrase. Of course, it’s not that simple […]

Get ready for Lucioball with these handy tips

play Lucioball with this tips

It’s that time of the year again – Overwatch’s Summer Games are here, and fans are excited. Lucioball is a definite fan favourite of course. Ever since its debut, players have loved the event – almost as much as they love the epic event skins that Blizzard offers during the Summer Games. If you’re unfamiliar […]

Esports pro series – How to get to pro level playing Overwatch

Play overwatch

A big part of becoming an Overwatch pro player has very little to do with actual gameplay. You need tenacity, determination, time, resources and ideally, a connection or two in the biz, but at the end of the day, skill is, of course, a factor. Once you join a team as a pro player, you’re […]

Overwatch League’s franchise director talks about the future of esports

Overwatch League’s

Jon Spector, the Director of Franchises and Competition of the Overwatch League has some pretty strong opinions about the future of esports and whether or not they belong in the Olympics – a debate that has been going on for years and now seems to tip in favour of esports joining the biggest sporting event […]

The Overwatch League’s problems can’t be covered up with rainbows


It’s no secret that the Overwatch community, in general, has a bit of a problem with toxic players. Blizzard is doing its best to combat this and is actually making in-roads where other developers do nothing or fail to improve the situation. Despite all the neat little community features though, there is one aspect of […]

How to become an Esports Pro – Competitions, Training and more


Esports pros tend to be in the news or media for one of three reasons: Either they are mentioned because they were selected for a new team or competition, they won a competition…or they recently made some kind of racial or misogynistic slur. Only two of those are good of course, and they both have […]

New Overwatch skins have been teased ahead of the event


It’s all the community is talking about at the moment – the upcoming Overwatch Summer Games and the cool skins and special events they are going to bring. As is usually the case with such things, there is lots of speculation going on about what exactly this year’s new content is going to look like. […]

Free Wrecking Ball loot boxes for Amazon and Twitch prime members

Hammond Wrecking Ball Overwatch

Let’s face it, gamers love free stuff. Especially in times that see micro-transactions in just about every game on the market. There’s nothing wrong with this of course… except maybe that there never seems to be enough free stuff to go around! That’s why it’s especially exciting when great free stuff rolls around. This is […]

How to become an Overwatch Pro – The daily life of the pros

overwatch new york team winning

Joining the ranks of the pros seems like an almost insurmountable obstacle, doesn’t it? There are so many wannabes, so much competition and so many hurdles to take. Becoming a pro seems like the ultimate goal here – once someone has joined a pro team, surely they’re living the high life? After all, they’ve achieved […]

Everything we know about the Overwatch Summer Games 2018

Hammond Wrecking Ball Overwatch

We all knew that it was coming – Overwatch’s next big thing after the end of the League is, of course, the Summer Games. Originally, rumour had it that the event would launch together with new hero Wrecking Ball or Hammond as most of his fans prefer to call him. Hammond came out some time […]

Popular ways to join pro-Overwatch teams

Pen and paper

Let’s say you’ve got all the free time you need to devote your life to a career in esports. Let’s say you can afford to straight away jump into a full-time contract and have no job or education to worry about. Let’s say you have the skills, abilities, and dedication you need to make it […]

Overwatch endorsement features are working, toxicity seems to be lowering

Angry overwatch player

Overwatch’s toxic community is one of the worst aspects of the whole game. Many fans and genuine players are turned off by the number of trolls and toxic players that can be found clogging up the lobbies. Of course, this problem isn’t unique to Overwatch as many games suffer from this type of issue, but […]

How to become an Esports Pro – The skills you need to get started

overwatch settings

When it comes to becoming an Overwatch pro, there are skills you will absolutely need. This doesn’t mean in-game skills like character mastery or the like, but more general areas of expertise. Some of these may be easier to pick up than others, but they are all essential to getting started as a pro. 1. […]

Pink Mercy skin raises over $12M for breast cancer research

mercy pink skin

The Overwatch community can sadly be a pretty toxic place. Because of that, it’s especially great to see the community come together and participate in Blizzard’s latest charity charge in the name of Breast Cancer. Lasting only two weeks, its success was remarkable, raising over $12.7 million. The company created a unique pink skin for […]

Wrecking Ball should be called Hammond and you know it

wrecking ball overwatch hero

Fans were elated when the adorable little hamster and his giant mechball was announced. What’s not to love? A genetically mutated and super-intelligent hamster piloting an upgraded escape pod he used to travel from the moon to Australia – it doesn’t get much better than that. Or so we say, because it could have in […]

OWL league All-Star teams selected

overwatch team

The Overwatch League All-Star teams have been selected for both Atlantic and Pacific divisions. Apart from the starting line-up, 12 players from each division will be selected by players, coaches and casters and OWL staff to take part in a ‘skill games’ exhibition on August 25. The All-Star game will take place the following day […]

South Korean Overwatch World Cup team has been revealed


South Korea is traditionally a force to be reckoned with when it comes to esports. It’s no secret that esports play a much bigger role in society there than they do here, and it shows. Games like Starcraft 2 are practically a national sport there and Western pros in many popular titles can only hope […]

How to become an Esports Pro – The best players

overwatch team

Making a name for one’s self is quite a literal part of becoming an esports pro. In addition to being a somewhat tortured pun, this also means that pro gamers are usually known by their handles rather than their real names. Making a complete list of all the great esports pros in the world would […]

How to become an Esports Pro – The most popular esports games

overwatch championship

There are several different successful esports titles across several different genres each with their own unique fan-bases and leagues to compete in. Pinpointing which of the games are the most popular ones is difficult. When considering a career in esports, you may be tempted to go for the most popular ones or one that features […]

Overwatch launched its new Endorsement system and people are already unhappy


Launching a major update of any game is risky. Not only is there a chance that it will break the game and possibly cause loss of service, no, it also carries the risk of alienating the existing player-base. Nevertheless, updates are important, and occasional changes to the way the game is played keeps things fresh. […]

Blizzard has patented Overwatch highlight replays… but why?


Every once in a while game developers and publishers do something exceptionally noteworthy. If they are lucky, it’s publishing a great game. If they are unlucky, it’s news like this that makes the headlines. This time it’s gaming giant Blizzard that caused uproar for all the wrong reasons. It’s undeniable that the Play of the […]

Is Overwatch dead? An uncertain future awaits!


Released over two years ago, Overwatch ascended to the height of the esports world very quickly. While it shares that fate with several other Blizzard games, it really seemed like the hero shooter was here to stay. It received excellent scores upon release and was praised by critics, players and fans alike. In fact, within […]

Overwatch Odds Guide

overwatch logo

In esports, betting odds act as the foundation of every single wager. And Overwatch is no exception. Whether you’re a complete newcomer or a seasoned veteran, odds are the first thing you’re looking at to determine if the bet is worth the trouble. And once you make your decision, it’s the Overwatch odds that dictate […]