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Overwatch League 2020 Predictions – Entering the Week 4

Published on: 07/02/2020

The 8th of February marks the begging of the Overwatch League 2020 season. Following recent format changes, each week two new teams will host a Homestead weekend in their arenas with teams engaging in a Home/Away competitive cycle.

Part of our yearly Overwatch League betting calendar consists of analyzing and creating the best picks and predictions for each week of competitive play. Starting with 2020, we are going to observe and moderate our Weekly Predictions in a single article with consistent updates for each week of competitive play.

We have already observed the off-season and created our Overwatch League power rankings and Best Overwatch Team and Player selection. What remains for us to do is predict the outcomes on each matchup week upon week until the end of the season.

Hopefully, by the end of it all, we will have an accurate prediction rate of over 95%.

Overwatch League Predictions 2020

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Week 1 – New York & Dallas

The first competitive weekend is hosted by the New York Excelsior and Dallas Fuel at the Hammerstein Ballroom and Arlington Esports Stadium respectively. The teams in attendance in New York are: Toronto Defiant, Paris Eternal, New York Excelsior, London Spitfire and Boston Uprising. Dallas will host: LA Gladiators & Valiant, Vancouver Titans, San Francisco Shock and of course Dallas Fuel.

As we can observe the first weekend features the top three dominating teams from the 2019 Overwatch League season and the top three teams from our Power Rankings. We predict the first weekend will showcase the dominance of these roster in their opening matches and prove our power rankings worthy.

Let’s look at the opening 8 matches in Week 1 and our predictions. (Predicted winners in BOLD)

  • Sat, Feb 08 – Toronto Defiant vs Paris Eternal
  • Sat, Feb 08 – London Spitfire vs New York Excelsior
  • Sun, Feb 09 – London Spitfire vs Paris Eternal
  • Sun, Feb 09Boston Uprising vs New York Excelsior
  • Sat, Feb 08Los Angeles Gladiators vs Vancouver Titans
  • Sat, Feb 08Los Angeles Valiant vs Dallas Fuel
  • Sun, Feb 09Los Angeles Valiant vs Vancouver Titans
  • Sun, Feb 09 – San Francisco Shock vs Dallas Fuel

As we can observe we follow and respect our initial preseason predictions closely for the opening weekend and we hope for a solid accuracy chance in our initial picks. At the bottom you can observe our overall accuracy chance week upon week as we update the article.

Week 2 – Philadelphia

Due to the Shanghai event being cancelled, we have a limited game amount this weekend.

Let’s look at the following 4 matches in Week 2 and our predictions. (Predicted winners in BOLD)

  • Sat, Feb 15 – Florida Mayhem vs Houston Outlaws
  • Sat, Feb 15 – Washington Justice vs Philadelphia Fusion
  • Sun, Feb 16 – Washington Justice vs Houston Outlaws
  • Sun, Feb 16 – Florida Mayhem vs Philadelphia Fusion

Week 3 – Washington

We kick off Week 3 with the 1st of the 5 Washington homestands. The Anthem will host eight teams and six matches over the weekend.

In a recent update, OWL announced they would move all Chinese homestand matches to Seoul until the situation with the coronavirus settles. We won’t have to wait too long before we see all teams in action and an extended game schedule.

We predict this week’s matches to go as follows: (Predicted winners in BOLD)

Sat, Feb 22 New York Excelsior vs Philadelphia Fusion
Sat, Feb 22 Boston Uprising vs Houston Outlaws
Sat, Feb 22 Paris Eternal vs Washington Justice
Sun, Feb 23 New York Excelsior vs Houston Outlaws
Sun, Feb 23 Toronto Defiant vs Philadelphia Fusion
Sun, Feb 23 London Spitfire vs Washington Justice

Week 4 – Houston

The fourth competitive weekend lands in Houston. The Revention Music Center hosts nine teams and seven matches.

As was the case in Week 3, the coronavirus troubles are still present in the OWL. The Outlaws cautioned the visitors with some solemn advice ahead of the weekend.

We predict the Week 4 matches will go down as follows: (Predicted winners in BOLD)

Sat, Feb 29 New York Excelsior vs Florida Mayhem
Sat, Feb 29 Toronto Defiant vs Atlanta Reign
Sat, Feb 29 London Spitfire vs Houston Outlaws
Sun, Mar 1 Boston Uprising vs Philadelphia Fusion
Sun, Mar 1 Paris Eternal vs Atlanta Reign
Sun, Mar 1 London Spitfire vs Florida Mayhem
Sun, Mar 1 Toronto Defiant vs Houston Outlaws

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Prediction Accuracy Tracker

Our Accuracy Tracker is at 61.11% with 11 out of 18 correctly predicted matches so far.